Global Presence

North America

Glenmark's API business in North America is based in Mahwah, New Jersey and caters to the US and Canada. Its dedicated IP and regulatory teams support customers to capitalise on first-to-file opportunities in these markets. Most of the new API development and patent filings at Glenmark are made for this region.


Glenmark’s European API business has a robust portfolio of over 100 products developed by our dedicated R&D team. The product portfolio constitutes a mix of over 18 APIs with CEPs, 40 APIs which are commercially available along with DMF and more than 40 others in various stages of development. Our customer base includes global generic companies, pan-European generic companies, national generic companies, contract manufacturers and dossier developers.

Latin America

The API team in Latin America is based in São Paulo, Brazil. This business has been growing consistently over the years, with a focus on all Latin American markets complying with the regulatory guidelines of ANVISA in Brazil and COFEPRIS in Mexico. Glenmark maintains its market leadership position for bupropion, cilostazol and olmesartan in Latin America.


Glenmark has increased its focus on the Japanese API market. As a first step into the world’s second biggest market, we have acquired an Accreditation of Foreign Manufacturer (AFM) for the Ankleshwar API manufacturing facility.

We filed our first J-DMF in 2011 and are working towards enhancing our J-DMF portfolio. In addition to this, all our products for Japan are screened to check their suitability to meet the requirements of the Japanese Pharmacopeia and high purity standards.

Rest of the world

Glenmark’s API business reaches more than 20 countries in the semi-regulated markets of Asia, Middle East, Africa and the CIS, with market leadership in several products including perindopril, glimepiride, etoricoxib and desloratadine.

The company also has a strong presence in markets such as South Korea, Russia, South Africa and China, registering new products and catering to the API requirements of major pharmaceutical companies and multinationals in this region.


Glenmark has a strong presence in India with an extensive line of high quality APIs for companies making both branded generics and generic pharmaceuticals.. We offer our customers a comprehensive and customized package of APIs with IP and regulatory support. We partner with Indian formulators across the spectrum – right from first-to-file products for highly regulated markets to local products in the Indian market.

In India, Glenmark has over 300 customers and market leadership in many products such as telmisartan, olmesartan, glimipride, rosuvastatin, lornoxicam and sertaconazole.

Product List

Glenmark manufactures and supplies more than 190 high quality APIs to customers worldwide.