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With a rich heritage in offering safe, affordable medications to patients across the globe, we forayed into the highly competitive US market and established Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc., USA in 2003, as our North American division. Since our first product launch in January 2005, we have emerged as one of the leading generic organizations in the US.

Our differentiated strategy to focus on less crowded segments (like hard to make generics) such as dermatology, hormones, oncology and controlled substances, enabled us to demonstrate strong growth in the world’s largest pharmaceutical market. We are recognized as one of the leading companies that supply generic dermatology products in the US.

Our diverse product portfolio consists of multiple niche categories and various dosage forms like Delayed and Immediate Release, Semi Solids, Hormones, Oncology – Injectables and Controlled Substances. We currently have more than 110 generics products authorised for distribution.

We enjoy strong relationships with key wholesalers and pharmacy chains in the US and service over 50 direct customers and 20,000+ indirect customers. This has enabled us to gain and retain market share in a highly competitive US generics segment.

With our new manufacturing facility at North Carolina and an expected 15-20 new launches including 20-22 filings annually, we continue to focus on finding and developing niche and complex generics that will drive growth for the organization in future.

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