Child Health
Healthy children, Healthier World

Healthy children are the foundation of a healthier world. With this belief and detailed research, we initiated our flagship program Project ‘Kavach’ which focuses on pregnant mothers and children up to the age of five.

The word ‘Kavach’ stands for a shield, symbolizing protection, and forms the basis of all our initiatives. Through various interventions launched along with our NGO partners, we aimed at encouraging a positive health-seeking behavior among pregnant women, mothers with infants and caregivers to educate them in the areas of right nutrition, best hygiene practices and in ensuring complete immunization for children.

Making a difference to rural lives in over 165 villages of Sanganer, Rajasthan

Along with our NGO partner - Society for Integrated Development Activities, Research & Training (SIDART) in Rajasthan, we aim at addressing child health issues through training and capacity building of front line workers and care-givers, counseling and monitoring during home visits; health camps and reinforcement through street plays and school rallies. Interventions like Colored Beads and Immunization Calendars have helped reduce malnutrition and increase immunization awareness and have proved to be extremely successful in infusing healthy behavior. Through our various interventions on sanitation we have reached out to over 81,000 people directly and another 15,000 indirectly.

  • 174,000

    People touched through our initiatives on child health

  • 26,000

    Children reached out through various nutrition, sanitation and immunization programs

  • 3,421

    Malnourished children brought to a healthy status

  • 2,493

    Pregnant and lactating women reached

Enriching lives in over 150 remote tribal villages of Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

In collaboration with our NGO partner – Spandan Samaj Seva Samiti, we continue to address the nutrition, immunization and sanitation needs of over 150 remote tribal villages of the Khalwablock in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh. The ambulatory service has been very helpful in bridging the gap between the available medical infrastructure and the villagers. Model Anganwadi’s and community crèches have been able to ensure supplementary nutrition and regular immunization of children.  

  • 20,560

    Malnourished children recovered through the community based management program

  • 70

    Role model Anganwadi’s created to offer a secure environment to 3500 children

  • 4,217

    People benefitted from 80 health camps

  • 150,000

    People reached through our child health initiatives

  • 31,000

    Children reached through various nutrition, sanitation and immunization programs

  • 33,500

    Pregnant and lactating women reached

  • 2,650

    Families’ health improved through the backyard nutrition garden that provided accessible nutrition

Reaching out to over 150,000 rural lives in Solan, Himachal Pradesh

The key objective of this project is to improve infant and child health among the rural population by educating mothers, care givers and adolescent girls on various aspects of Maternal and Reproductive Child Health Issues (MCH & RCH). Our NGO partner - Institute for Global Development, has been helping us to make a considerable difference to people's lives in Nalagarh (Solan district) through group meetings, couple counseling, specialized workshops, health camps, community sessions and awareness events. 

  • 150,000

    People reached through our child health initiatives

  • 23,460

    Children reached through various nutrition, sanitation and immunization programs

  • 4,392

    Directly benefited through our sanitation campaign

  • 12,248

    Pregnant women, lactating women and mothers of children aged between 3-5 years sensitized on health

  • 12

    Village Health Nutrition Day (VHND) programs organized in villages supported by us

  • 3334

    Adolescent girls educated on reproductive health and nutrition

Healthy interventions in urban slums of Mumbai, Maharashtra

In association with our NGO partner -Niramaya Health Foundation, we are addressing issues of child health in the slums of Andheri (East). Some of our interventions include health check-up camps, home visits, and the Peer Educator Program through our health workers, who conduct home visits to educate the community women on issues such as malnutrition, poor sanitation, anemia and antenatal care.  

  • 40

    Community peer leaders trained on maternal and child health care

  • 1,405

    Children between 0-5 years reached out to, through our intervention for malnutrition

  • 4,371

    Children reached through various nutrition, sanitation and immunization programs

  • 2,623

    Readers from 82 health libraries benefited through our booklets on health related issues

  • 1,813

    Pregnant and lactating women reached

Positively impacting over 10,700 households in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya

A need-assessment conducted in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi indicated high micro-nutrient malnutrition. To combat this issue, we started ‘The Lishe Bora Mtaani’ in collaboration with our NGO Partner, Carolina for Kibera and the Health Department of Nairobi. We conduct sensitization workshops for pregnant women and mothers, counseling on issues like pregnancy care, nutrition during breast feeding as well as hygiene and sanitation.

  • 4,265

    Households visited for screening and education on hygiene and nutrition

  • 1,220

    Malnourished children brought to healthy status

  • 576

    Families’ reached during health sessions

  • 13,509

    Children benefitted from de-worming, and also received Vitamin A supplements and micronutrients

  • 1,008

    Pregnant and lactating women reached

Impacting lives through innovation - the mMitra Project

Complications during pregnancy and child birth can be avoided if the right preventive healthcare information is given to expectant and new mothers. The challenge to address a huge demand of counseling for appropriate behavioral change by government hospitals was critical. Glenmark along with NGO partner - Armaan and LokmanyaTilak Municipal General Hospital (Sion Hospital) Mumbai, assessed this need and launched mMitra - a free mobile-based Health Advisory Voice Messaging Service for pregnant women and mothers. Through this platform medically verified and individualized voice messages of 60-90 seconds in the local language are sent directly to the mobile phones of the enrolled women.

  • 11,919

    Less-privileged women have benefitted from mMitra