Our Commitment

Our philosophy is to conduct its operations in a manner that is ethical, proactive, environmentally conscious and sensitive to all its stakeholders. We operate in compliance with all regulatory and policy requirements and there are regular audits to ensure that controls and compliances are maintained at high standards.

Our commitment towards environmental and social responsibility has existed since its inception; however, a structured approach was adopted in 2010 by establishing management systems. This accelerated efforts and enhanced focus on environmental as well as social aspects by solemnizing the environmental policy and creating dedicated institutional positions for the purpose.

We ensure that our policies and practices are periodically updated and upgraded to keep up with the changing global and regional challenges, as well as emerging best practices in the pharmaceutical sector. A recent amendment to the EHS policy includes the commitment to ensure resource efficiency and conservation to address climate change by reducing carbon emission intensity and, to adopt technologies and practices that minimize environmental impacts and prevent pollution. The potential future effects of global climate change are recognized and our efforts are focused on this cause.